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A request.

Oh man. I don't even really know where to start or what to say as far as how Mikael is doing. Tuesday was a very rough day. Like we're talking after spending time with him it was one of those try to drive through tear filled eyes. (more like eyes drowning in tears - totally sketchy and I wouldn't recommend it.)

Between the pain and discomfort and overall state of his body, it was just difficult.

But then - yesterday. It was such a sigh of relief to see him more stable and alert. I think my heart did a few jumps of joy. And the peace we all felt - more so then the day before - was just incredible.

One thing is for sure - Mikael is so incredibly strong and brave and I literally can't even deal with how proud of him I am.

At this point we know that our days are definitely filled with ups and downs. As far as Mike's physical state, it is such a roller coaster. I can only imagine how he feels, let alone how I feel. There is no such thing as control and that's very frustrating.

My request is this: send words of encouragement for Mikael that I can give to him to read through. Reminders of all the people praying for him, verses that have been on your heart as you've been praying for him. You can email me directly, this way we have them in one contained spot. (You should be able to scroll to the bottom of this page to access my email, but for the sake of ease here it is as well: ) Whether you know Mikael directly or not it's all good! I literally want to shower him with as much love and encouragement as possible!

I told him yesterday how brave and strong he is. I said, "you may not feel like you are," he nodded his head, "but you are and it's amazing."

So let's remind him how amazing he is.

Here are some specific in between prayers:

Mike's sodium levels are low. The excess fluid in his abdomen (the official term is ascites) is always needing to be drained. However, every time they drain him, his sodium levels drop more. It's a tricky walk too because if they give him too much sodium, that's not good either. So pray for stability for his sodium! Because once they do that they can more consistently drain him, which will relieve so much discomfort and pain!

As always, here's to Mike's miracle.

Also, thank you to you. Thank you for praying. For reading. For encouraging. For partnering with us. It is beyond amazing.

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