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I wanted to create a space full of more photos, this is that. Not only that, but I know that some of you have either recently been reconnected with our family, or just aren't as familiar with who everyone is. So in my words, Mike's sister, this is them. (In a very compact way.)

Mikael and Jolene have been married for nearly eight years. They have two girls - Brielle being the oldest and Eden the youngest. Jolene is the sister I never had, pretty much from the first time I met her I knew I'd love having her as an addition to our family. Brielle and Eden - there truly are no words to fully describe them. They are full of joy, wonder and love - such a brief way to say who they are. I couldn't imagine not being auntie to them - it's amazing. 

You'll notice that a lot of these pictures are from what looks like a vacation. This past April, Mike and Jo embarked on a family DTS in Kona. (YWAM). They needed a nanny to help look after the girls, so I stepped up. I mean, what a hardship, being with the people I love in the beautiful Hawaii. It took a lot of convincing. (Not actually, note heavy sarcasm.)

Embarking on this journey we knew that Mike would most likely have to come home to another surgery, but we were hoping that was it. And if I'm being totally honest, in my heart I believed that Mikael would get healed during his time away. But here we are. As easy as it would be to question the heck out of that last sentence alone, I won't. I know God has this. 

I know Mike and Jolene's time in Hawaii has not only planted new dreams for the future, but also solidified their love for Jesus and seeing His Kingdom spread across the nations. To say they have a heart for Jesus and loving on people would be such an understatement for it goes beyond that. 

I hope that with some of these pictures you get a sense of what an amazing family they are.

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