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How to Help

We have been asked a lot by people, "how can we help?" (Which is amazing, by the way so thank you!)

The main thing right now is prayer as we are so relying on the power of prayer to carry us through.

Here are some current things to be praying for:

Wisdom in what options are best! There are still many decisions to be made as far as treatments and what's best for Mikael right now and although we have already made lots of decisions (by we I mean Jolene, my dad and my mom) there are still just as many to be made.

Peace of mind. The doctors diagnosis initially brought on fear as - let's be honest - the thought of losing Mikael is beyond overwhelming. However, this is where our eternal hope comes in - the power of the cross! Jesus has the final word and that is what I am founding myself upon, as well as my family. But - more honesty here - there are moments where the fear creeps in.

Protection. As I mentioned above, fear creeps in sometimes - all part of the process. But pray for protection over all of us that our minds would be guarded against all fear and doubt.

Pray for Mikael. (Obviously). I know you all are, but here are some specific things. That his body would accept all nourishment in the juices, protein IV's and supplement shakes. His diet right now mainly consists of liquids as his body has responded the best to them, but we still have a ways to go as far as bringing his weight back up.

Clearly our main goal in prayer right now is to see Mike completely healed and restored!!!! But these are some of the in between prayers needed as well.

So, as always, here's to Mikael's miracle!

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