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When God becomes real.

I heard this in a message at church once - the person sharing used this in reference to how he was at the end of his rope and it was in that moment where God became real because in that moment all he could do was rely on God.

Our family has reached this point. We had one last meeting with a surgeon known for working miracles in the operating room. He only confirmed our news that yes, Mikael is terminal and as far as treatment goes, there is nothing more they can do other than make him comfortable.

They have put in a drain for Mikael so he can be more at ease and pain free. With the adding of the drain we are also hoping we can give Mike more juices and supplement shakes as well as hopefully some food to get his weight up. (With his juicing diet we are focusing on certain juices that have been known to help in fighting the cancer cells.)

Starting tomorrow Mikael is being admitted into the hospital so that they can more effectively work on his pain management. This should only be a few days.

The plan is to continue with the different natural treatments that we have researched out.

The bigger plan is for God to completely heal him and eradicate all cancer from Mikael's body. We need a miracle! (Good thing our Father in Heaven is in the miracle making business.)

Pray for continued peace for our family, that in this we would still be founded on joy. Pray for Mike that his pain would vanish and that his body would to be restored. That his strength would be returned.

Once again, yes, our ultimate prayer is for complete healing, these are just our in between prayers. (Which is what I will call them from now on.)

As always, here's to Mike's miracle.

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